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Smart Geo App helps to expand the possibility of quick and accurate decisions making. We will address your Map viewing, Analysis and reporting need.

Geo Enabled Application

Why Smart Geo

With Smart Geo Apps you can build cost effective Geo enabled applications with optimized time. Optimized insights of your business, through analysis, Data visualization and reports using your spatial data

  • Quickly develop Geo Enables Application as per your specific Business requirements
  • Easily maintained, Extend the functions as per the business maturity
  • Deliver great UI using latest technology framework like HTML-5 and Bootstrap framework can be accessed in mobile and Web browser
  • Can easily integrate with any other business systems
  • Easy to build geo enables KPI dashboard and analytical reports.
  • Support latest ESRI ArcGIS 10.5 environment
  • Smart Geo Framework easy to upgrade to new version of ESRI environment
  • Well integrated with Portal for ArcGIS environment and ArcGIS Online
  • Can easily integrate with live feed data system and provide Geo Enabled online dashboards


Powerful Map analysis tools (2D and 3D)

All the measurements like Finding location coordinates, Measuring distance, Measuring area, Measured in different dimensions are made easy with Smart Geo Apps measurement tools.

Map Share & Printing

Say bye to your entire offline map sharing problems with Smart Geo Apps map share option. You can find ways to share your map online through an Export map, Email map, Bookmark map etc.

Visualize multiple sources of map services

With Smart Geo Apps you can able to visualize multiple sources of map services like Utility, Transportation, Telecom and many more map services

Buffering Analysis

Smart Geo Apps provide tools like “point by buffer", “Polygon by buffer", “Polyline buffer" etc, for handling Buffering Analysis.

Routing Analysis

Now working with “Stops", “Blocks", “Shortest distance finder" etc. Are made easy with Smart Geo Apps Routing Analysis.

Advanced search (Spatial and Attribute)

The User can build a custom query to search the locations using the selected map service data layer on a specific attribute field.

Geo Analytics(Big data, BI & KPI Dashboards)

Smart Geo Apps Geo Analytics feature provide widgets like a Pie chart, Bar widget, Gauge widget for Geo enables BI & KPI Dashboards.

Mashups – Integration

We can integrate map services in any of your existing business systems like ERP, Engineering Systems, Portal, Document Management System, etc using Smart Geo Apps.

Live Data Feed Data Monitoring and Alerts

We can able to read live feed data from different sours of System like Scada, Sensors, Smart Meters, Vehicle tracking, Manpower tracking build notification and alerts as per the different business rules.

Trend Analysis

The user can perform trend analysis using the time aware data for Imagery, Spatial data and different sources of big data sources.

Security Framework

UsingtheSmartGeo Security framework, We can able to integrate with ESRI portal for ArcGIS Security framework, AD Authentication, SSO, Role base functions for a different user group.

How it works

iSpatialTec is having an expertize to provide end to end geo enabled solutions, Starting from GIS consultancy, Studying the Geo enabled business needs, Strategic planning, Spatial data management, Building IT infrastructure, Geo enabled Web/Mobile/Desktop applications, Integration with different business systems, Live data analysis (Big Data), Geo enabled reports and GIS manpower services (GIS Consultants / Project Managers / Developers / GIS Administrators / Data specialists).

  • Requirements Study

    You are the one who knows your requirement better than anyone. We also help you to analyze your business requirements...

  • Data model design and Data preparation

    We can help to design data models and we can prepare and migrate your data from different sources of formats like CAD, XLX, CSV...

  • Configure business cases

    With Smart Geo Apps, We can easily configure your business cases with minimal efforts, Configuration and development...

  • Deploy application

    We can deploy your application as per your requirement. We can deploy it in your server or in our server or even at cloud as well.

  • Operational support

    We provide GIS operational support, Application enhancement, Spatial data enhancements by following industry standard ITSM methodology.


Geo Enabled Application

GIS Map 2D

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Geo Enabled Application

GIS Map 3D

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Geo Enabled Application
Smart Cities and Smart Village programs
Geo Enabled Application
Spatial Data Infrastructure program
Geo Enabled Application
Oil & Gas
Geo Enabled Application
Geo Enabled Application
Tele Communication
Geo Enabled Application
Government Sector
Geo Enabled Application
Property Management
Geo Enabled Application
Agriculture & Food Sector
Geo Enabled Application
Geo Enabled Application
Geo Enabled Application

About Us

iSpatialTec started with a vision of providing the smart solution to address business challenges and community development. We have successfully built the rapid solution development platforms which will help to quickly deliver high-quality solutions with optimized cost. We deliver the value proposition to our clients in the areas of location based Geo Enabled solutions (GIS - 3D and 2D), Web/Mobility solutions, Business Analytics, Business Process Automation and Enterprise Integration Solutions. Our innovation team is working extensively building solutions using envision technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Augmenting Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D solutions, Automation and Big data analytics. Our Key Success factors are, we have successfully delivered the projects to our client by saving minimum 50% cost and time with high-quality standards. We are very keen finding the right opportunities, finding suitable candidates, architect the solution framework, meeting project time lines and our commitments. Our clients got four major international awards for the solutions which we have implemented. One of the specialized areas of expertise for iSpatialTec is building the geospatial information technology smart solution which will help for Smart City, Smart Village programs, Private and public sectors to manage the Spatial data infrastructure (SDI), ICT4D, building integrated platforms, e-services, business process automation for better planning, execution, Smooth operations, and maintenance.

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